VR photography workshops

I begun taking 360 images back in 1990’s, with film cameras like Roundshot, Horizont and later Noblex. Istarted with digital 360 in 1998 and soon I was part of the Panotools community. I then started teaching these subjects, along with immersive imaging and all the derivative technologies in IUAV university, in architecture and  visual arts departments.

I teach VR photography to professionals, students and amateurs. I hold seminars to introduce VR media to professionals, amateurs and common people.

I can cover from history and philosophy of the media to practical workshops:  taking images, stitching, postprocessing and diffusion. Including also all the interface and behavior programming and enhanced interaction coding in KRpano language.

PanoTools, Hugin, PTGui, Pano2VR, KRpano, Adobe Photoshop, Bridge, Darktable, Gimp and many others.


VR photography