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Rockstar 10mm f8, review and test

the OREO-ROCKSTAR is a non-edible but yummy pancake fisheye for aps-c mirrorless.

With a fixed f8 aperture and an 11mm focal length. It’s made to be a diagonal fisheye on apsc cameras and becomes a camera-handle-and-parts cropped circular on a 24×36, being too flat not to include camera parts and operator fingers in the field. It’s all metal and has a 270degree turning focusing helicoid that is not so usable (it’s f8, and has no focusing scale). It does seem interesting and a bit more than a toy. Waiting for time to test…

the lens is very very flat, it will minimize your gear size. It also creates some issues in placing the nodal point (front lens) on the turning point of the upper arm. Very few panoheads can accommodate these very small lenses in place.

In panorama… In order to have decent image quality the extreme parts of the lens are given up, in a fair overlap. So the scheme of shooting ends up in 8 images at +45 plus 8 at -30. It needs care in removing CA and giving some punch, resolution is nothing to write home about, especially in the corners. Soft was the day, or soft is the lens? some photoshop’kick in the ass put at work.

Datas are these:
– h fov 105,5°
– v fov 71,48°
– diag fov 125,5°
– fisheye factor: -0,499126
So we have an equisolid fisheye.
One with a narrow fov, a good resistance to flare, a nice rendition and just not sharp enough to be considered a pro lens. One indeed that costs as a toy lens, but is really a nice, friendly, usable toy.

Chiara Masiero Sgrinzatto, with more than 15 years of experience in VR and really a LOT of professionality in 360 postprocessing said : “Pensavo che fosse più minchioso, ma a guardarlo bene è minchioso”

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