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Smartphone tripod attachments

Selfmade?  Well.  Whatever in the market is filmsy, or stupidly expensive, or dedicated to a specific model of iPhone,   ecc. So, i made  mine, out of  a cheap phone hardcase and a 1/4″ tripod to  flash adapter.


You need:

  1. A cheap hardcase for your phone  model. It must be plastic,  no fancy  gummy material. I had one with faux leather cover, that was just a bit more difficult to hack.
  2. An 1/4″ adapter. Male or female,  or a flash rail socket.  Mine was an adapter to put a flash over a small tripod ballhead,  and needed hacking.
  3. Double component glue, sugru,  or similar flexible, strong glue compound.
  4. Eventually,  a cutter.








cut out unwanted parts of the adapter, till you get a flat surface to allow better glueingDSC_1414DSC_1415


front and rear of the hardcase


Decide where to put your tripod screwbaseDSC_1419DSC_1421

Glue to the rock solid surface! In my case I had to remove the leatherette.

DSC_1422Binding permanently with twin components glue…
And, what is my use?!?

P13500241 P1350008 p1350011 p1350015 P1350023 p1350025 p1350029 P1350036



  • You would need to choose point of anchorage, depending how you want to screw your phone, where, what you will do with it. For an universal fit I’d say three is the minimum of bolts you have to glue on.
  • you add bulky to the phone, if you want to keep it in the shell, you will add bulk to your bag, if not.


  • Damm cheap
  • perfectly fit at least one of your applications
  • it is SOLID
  • made to measure for your phone.

links: An idea, you can use one of these:


ebay link

you can use one or two female screws, or even the male one (cut it shorter)




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