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Meet the STENDIcam.

easy DIY VR360 cablecam!

Warning: Drinking wine with Chiara is dangerous.
The basic idea is to build a small cablecam to run on Venice hanging clothes lines.
(In italian “stendere” is the verb used to indicate hanging clothes).
The main problem is to make a small yet stable device, to make it as thin as bossible to hide in the blind lenticular area of the small 2-lenses consumer 360VR cameras. It has to be secure, no falling of precious cameras on somebody’s head.

Does it work!?

This first iteraction seems to work well. I’ll add some camera dampening and try to slim it a little bit changing rollers’ screws

the making of

This is the small cheeseplate bar that is giving the rigidity and the security (the plastic U piece is bolted with 1/4″ screws on both sides imprisoning the line) I bought that from this ebay seller

I’m working with Chiara and we are waiting for a good, interesting situation to make a real-life test! stay tuned!!

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