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VR photography

pocket gimbal cameras on the market today:

this is just a memorandum for myself looking for a tool capable of acceptable quality 360 vr shots in very specialized situations.


xiaomi held firm, sells 130-190 € online

As we speak there is no vr360 option or software for it but it is said to be able to capture a 180 image.

DJI osmo Pocket

was the first coming out. Needs a module to connect wifi to the phone, or takes a direct usb connection. No direct tripod mounts.

It’s capable to take 3×3 wide images with its 80 degree camera. As we speak there is a new firmware coming said to be able to take more than the 3×3 wide picture, but not sure.


seems a clever copy of the dji



seems cheap but with compromises.


● 3-axis mechanical stabilization;

● Built-in 1.22″ live view LED color touch screen (850 Nits brightness);

● 1 / 2.3″ CMOS image sensor (12 M effective pixels);

● Ultra wide angle lens (81°);

● 90 degree rotatable lens (landscape / portrait);

● 4K @ 60fps video recording – up to 100 MB (H265);

● 1080P @ 240fps for cool slow motion videos;

● Built-in dual microphones (noise reduction or stereo audio)

● Wireless connectivity (WiFi 5G + Bluetooth 4.1);

● USB 3.1 Gen1 Type C cable connection;

● Multiple creative modes (Panorama, Time Lapse, Motion Lapse and Hyper Lapse);

● Smart Tracking;

● Up to 160 minutes working time ( 1080 @ 30fps );

● ND filter compatible;

● Vmate adapter with GoPro and tripod holders;

● Compact size (37.6 x 32.3 x 122 mm);

● Ultra-light (118 grams).

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